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Private Colleges

Available Opportunities in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia & Alberta



1. Proof of English Level. Some programs will require anywhere from A2 to B2 Level. 

2. High School Diploma

3. Valid Passport 

Areas of Study

The areas of study offered in Private Colleges are in the following sectors:


1. Hospitality and Tourism (Customer Service, Administration, Management)

2. Marketing (Digital, Website Design, Social Media, Sales)

3. Business (International, Management, Communications)

4. IT (Web Development, UI/UX, Cybersecurity, Data Analysis)

5. Entertainment (Audio, Film, Event Planning) 

Most programs include Co-op (Practical component) 

Work Opportunity

You will be able to work on and off campus from Day 1. 

Private Colleges do NOT make students eligible for PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit) 


Program Cost very depending in duration. Prices start at 4500 CAD.

Average cost of programs anywhere between 8000 CAD - 15,000 CAD.

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