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Public Colleges

Available Opportunities in Ontario, British Columbia & Alberta



1. Proof of English Level. IELTS 6.0 - 6.5 or equivalent in TOEFL, CAE, TOIC or Duolingo (Only accepted in some Colleges)

2. High School Diploma for Undergrad Courses (Diploma, Certificates)

3. College Diploma or Bachelors for Postgrad Courses (Postgrad Diplomas & Certificates)

4. Valid Passport 

Areas of Study

All areas of study.

Note that Law & Medicine in Canada require a previous Bachelors Degree from a Canadian Institution. 


Work Opportunity

You will be able to work on and off campus from Day 1. 

Public Colleges grant PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit) eligibility. 

You are able to apply for a couples visa or family visa. 

Most recommended if interested in applying for a PR (permanent residence) in the future. 


Program Cost very depending in duration. Average price between 18,000 - 20,000 CAD per year.

Some scholarships may be available. Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about them. 

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