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Travel + Education + Experience

At INTERPROMEX, we’re proud to offer a unique International educational experience  Take a look through our site to learn more about us.

We guide you through the entire process

At Interpromex, we go above and beyond to meet our students needs. No matter where you’re going and for how long, we help you be fully prepared for your experience with one on one orientation and support before and during all your studies. 

Free Orientation

Insurance & Stay

Visa Application

Onshore Guidance

As you embark on a new journey we like to help you start off on the right foot. 

We help you find the program that fits your needs and we do all the tedious paperwork for you. 

We make sure you have the proper insurance for your experience. 


We assist you in finding a place to live*

*Limited to High School programs only

Interpromex takes great pride in its partnerships with high quality Immigration Consulting firms that satisfy our students’ specific visa requirements. 

As you immerse yourself in a new environment. We provide you with support, news, tips, and resources that will help you adapt to a new place. 

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