Enroll in an American High School from the comfort of your own home.

Who do we work with?



We have an exclusive partnership with one of the most prestigious online schools in the United States.


We pride ourselves on offering a first class experience with all of our partner institutions. 

Who can participate?
All Mexican students can take part or this education in english, directly from the USA, from one of the most prestigious institutions, with official accreditation. They can take part as early as in grade 1. 
What if I am already enrolled in a Mexican High School?
Dual Diploma
Awesome!! You will have the opportunity to obtain a dual Diploma. You will complete High School in both countries simultaneously, which means, you will obtain a Mexican and an American High School Diploma.
Additionally to all the other benefits, you will be able to prove you have a native English Level while only having to complete the extra credits required by our American Institution. 
* Talk to your School Principal and contact us!. 
Why should I consider studying online?

Studying online nowadays allows you to stay safe while gaining a global perspective and knowledge. It helps you obtain a native English Speaker level, a certified USA education, as well as to learn about other culture and traditions and interact with other students from all over the world


It allows you to learn from home, manage your time and participate in cultural and physical activities in your own community.

What are the benefits of studying online with an American High School?

You will obtain your transcripts on a yearly basis. At the end of your High School Education you will obtain your official American High School Diploma which will allow you to study in any College or American University. 

This Diploma will have validity and will be recognized widely across North America as well as in the majority of European institutions.