Travel is rich with learning opportunities, and the ultimate souvenir is a broader perspective”

- Rick Steves

Be aware that COVID19 Pandemic has delayed or cause deferral to many of our programs.

Why should I consider studying abroad?

Studying abroad does not only allow you to have a more global perspective but it helps you to get to know about other places, culture and  traditions amongst many other benefits. 


It helps you enlarge your vocabulary and range of expressions and to make wonderful unforgettable connections with people from all over the world.



Intepromex counts with over 30  years of experience sending and receiving students from all over the world. 

Who do we work with?



We have a close relationship with some of the most prestigious schools. We pride ourselves on offering a first class experience with all of our partner intitutions. 

Diversity Students
Choose the program that is best for you.
Starting on 2016 Interpromex offers now a Short Cultural Program. This program is intended for those interested in experiencing the arts, music and multiculturalism of Canada, Germany or France.
From beginner to expert. 

Interpromex offers all of its programs to all students regardless of their English level. Whether you are perfectly fluent with the language or still struggling, Intepromex ensures you are placed in an environment where you will be encouraged to learn and challenged to keep improving your skills.


Through a series of tests done before your placement, Intepromex will look at your strenghts and weaknesses with the language and will place you accordingly.